Cecilia Carreri's books


A presentation of Cecilia Carreri's books, published by Ugo Mursia Editore:
"L'Oceano di Mare Verticale" (The Ocean of Vertical Sea); "Mare Verticale" (Vertical Sea); "La Montagna di Mare Verticale" (The Mountain of Vertical Sea).

The book "Mare Verticale" recounts Cecilia's travels with the Olympic-class 470 centreboarder and the Mumm 36 on the Tyrrhenian Sea.
"Mare Verticale" later gave its name to the Open 60 on which Cecilia crossed the Atlantic.

The book "L'Oceano di Mare Verticale" describes a new challenge: her participation in the Rolex Fastnet Race and the Transat Jacques Vabre, from Le Havre, France, to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

Finally, "La Montagna di Mare Verticale" describes Cecilia Carreri's mountaineering adventures in the Dolomites, the Alps, the Himalayas, Africa, California and Nevada, Peru, Chad, crossing the Tibesti Mountains, and Greenland, crossing over 100 kilometres of the Knud Rasmussen Glacier, near the Arctic Circle.

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