I discovered the allure of the mountains unexpectedly, while climbing in the Dolomites, ascending a reentrant full of snow and ice.

Since then I have simply been following a dream: standing before a wall of rock, along the slopes of powdery snow, or amidst the highest peaks in the world. Always a difficult mountain, a Vertical Mountain, but experienced with a deep joy in my heart, in a state of grace.

Vertical Mountain is also a way of living, the search for the essential, for the things that are most difficult to attain: in the desert in Chad, amidst the granite of California, in the Moroccan snows, among the Himalayan glaciers, or at the Arctic Circle.

The best years of my life belong to the mountains, always difficult mountains, always vertical, that have led me to happiness, but also to crises, and to turning points. Beyond the mountains I found the sea awaiting me, the great, wide ocean: a Vertical Sea.

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