Why Vertical Sea?

"Mare Verticale" (vertical sea) is the name of the Open 60 racing boat with which Cecilia tackled first the Rolex Fastnet Race between England and Ireland, and then the Atlantic Ocean, from France (Le Havre) to Brazil (Salvador), in the international Transat Jacques Vabre race. It is an exacting boat, fast, essential, all carbon.

The name "Mare Verticale" represents a life plan, it is a symbol of exporation and adventure, between seas and mountains. Vertical is all that is difficult, all that demands sacrifice, commitment, risking one's life. And the seas, like the mountains, can be vertical, when sailing becomes a real challenge, a fight against our own limitations.

Our dreams have the power to lead us towards unique, unrepeatable experiences. We must have the strength and the courage to fulfil our dreams. Courage, willpower and determination are the price to be paid for such big dreams, and for living them so intensely. For being ourselves, through and through. Everything that is difficult is vertical, but it is also the very essence of life.

Who is Cecilia Carreri?

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