Who is Cecilia Carreri?

Cecilia Carreri lives in the hills of north-eastern Italy, between the Dolomites and the Mediterranean, the starting point for many travels and adventures.
A painter, mountaineer and sailor, Cecilia has dedicated a great deal of her life to exploring the world and nature in the most inaccessible and solitary places.
She has climbed on rock, snow and ice, not only in the Alps and Dolomites, but also in the Himalayas, Africa, the United States, Peru, where she climbed the 5,940-metre-high Alpamayo, as well as in Greenland, at the Arctic Circle, and in Chad, where she crossed the desert and the Tibesti massif.
She began sailing at the age of 14 on a Flying Junior, and attended courses at the Centro Velico di Caprera sailing school in Sardinia; she spent many years sailing with an Olympic-class 470 dinghy and with a Mumm 36, on which she sailed around Corsica, and then around Italy.
Cecilia then went on the create the Mare Verticale project in France, with an Open 60 that she sailed in the Royal Fastnet Race, an ocean regatta between England and Ireland, and in the Transat Jacques Vabre between France (Le Havre) and Brazil (Salvador de Bahia).
After the Transat Jacques Vabre, she took part in an expedition to Greenland, close to the Arctic Circle, with a base in Tassilaq, walking over 100 kilometres on the Knud Rassmussen Glacier.
Cecilia has been oil painting since her teenage years, and has given three exhibitions in Italy (two in Vicenza, one in Brescia), as well as two prestigious exhibitions in Paris, the first, "Oublier", in the Cité Internationale Universitaire, and the second, "Retrouver", at Galerie Lee in rue Visconti, in the Latin quarter.
With the Italian publishers © Ugo Mursia Editore, she has published three books recounting her adventurous life: "Mare Verticale" (Vertical Sea) and "L'Oceano di Mare Verticale" (The Ocean of Vertical Sea) on her sailing experiences; and "La Montagna di Mare Verticale" (The Mountain of Vertical Sea) about her mountaineering.

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