Mario Monicelli

Cecilia Carreri with Mario Monicelli on 20 April 2007, in Ostiglia (Mantova), commemorating his father Tomaso Monicelli, journalist and writer, on the sixtieth anniversary of his tragic death.

Mario Monicelli's father, Tomaso, was born on 10 February 1883 in Ostiglia, and died by his own hand in 1946. He had two sisters, one of whom, Andreina Monicelli, married Arnoldo Mondadori of Ostiglia, founder of the publishing company of the same name. Tomaso himself married Maria Carreri, and they had six children: Franco, Mario, Giulio, Massimo, Furio and Giovanna.

Mario Monicelli was born on 16 May 1915. He went on to become a great Italian film director, before committing suicide, like his father before him, in Rome on 29 November 2010.

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